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Do You Suffer From:

  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain (including pain from whiplash)
  • OOS (such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Stiff or frozen shoulder
  • TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Hip / pelvis and leg pain
  • Old and / or reoccurring injuries
  • Inflexibility
  • General aches and other chronic pain
  • 'Club' foot and clawed toes
  • Poor posture
  • High stress


Jessica McGregor Dip Massage & Clinical NMT

I am a specialist in Therapeutic massage which encompasses a range of modalities and techniques that release the body's soft tissue. Heat, ice, stretching and / or mobilisation of joints (non-manipulative) is used within these modalities in order to facilitate change. At Body Balance Massage such modalities include:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy / Deep tissue (remedial)
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

I find my work very rewarding and continue to see positive results.


My home-based clinic is a cosy little clinic! Heating, clean linen and tranquil music ensures it is always warm and inviting. It is situated in the coastal suburb of Lynfield, down a quiet cul-de-sac backing onto native bush. So none of those pesky sounds of passing traffic, nor any problems finding a car park.


Body Balance Massage is a home-based clinic, and due to safety precautions, I reserve the right to book FEMALES and YOUTH / CHILDREN ONLY. I can book male clients at ProHealth Hub, Royal Oak, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Under 18 yrs $50 / hour

Adults - $60 - 80 / hour. 1.5 hours is recommended for your first appointment, especially if have had chronic pain and / or injury

Neuromuscular Therapy / Deep tissue (remedial)

An extremely effective form of specific soft tissue manipulation that is applied to muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia to achieve balance of posture and to facilitate the healing of injuries. It aims to reverse pathological patterns that cause pain and inflexibility. These techniques are best for those who have chronic / persistent / reoccurring pain or discomfort. Aiming to find the cause rather than just treating the symptoms. Techniques can range from light pressure to deep tissue massage.

Relaxation Massage

The use of light, non-specific techniques. Applied to bring about general physical and mental relaxation, reducing the stresses of everyday life.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your posture changes to facilitate the baby as it grows, and to prepare for birth. Many women experience discomfort and / or pain through this process. Massage therapy is a safe method to manage these discomforts. The client is positioned side-lying with the essential cushioning support for comfort. Consideration is taken for any contraindications the client may have during pregnancy. Post pregnancy massage using Neuromuscular Therapy techniques are important for facilitating the body to return to pre-pregnancy posture
Children / Youth Under 18 (Duration varies • $50 / hour)Prevent future problems. It is essential to address injuries / muscle pain / postural distortion as it occurs whilst young. At this age, the body responder quicker to treatment than in adulthood. Children suffer from stress just as adults do E.g. it could be caused by starting a new school , peer presure, illness, parent's divorce and even vacations can produce emotional strain.


Every new client receives an initial consultation during which essential information is collected and treatment plan will be made. Your records will be kept confidential. In most cases, stretches and / or exercises and advice will be given in order to facilitate the changes made by the massage therapy. During a deep tissue massage most people experience some discomfort. I always ensure that I work within the clients comfort zone. It is common to experience muscle soreness for a day or two after a massage session, usually after the first treatment. The soreness is a result of direct contact with spasms in the muscle, as well as accumulation of waste products being manually released into your system. It is also possible that bruising may occur as muscular adhesion's are separated. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush the released wastes out of your body. A warm bath will also assist.


I visited Jessica after eighteen months of a problem with my upper arm, which had progressively become more painful and movement restricted. I had already visited a physiotherapist and an osteopath and neither had achieve any long term results. The sessions with Jessica worked. I was stunned by how quickly we made progress and how free arm movement became. For me the treatment was completely different, having committed to osteopathy for so long, and I had some reservation about 'massage' working. It has been great - Paula Yeatman

Jessica original saw my daughter for her back and muscle tension. My daughter rated her the best she has ever had, she helped resolve these issues for her. My husband was involved in a serious road accident his femur was badly broken. He has had the rod in his leg replaced several times. The swelling in his leg would not move. Jessica did deep tissue massage to both release muscle which had adhered to the bone and lymphatic drainage techniques. This has resulted in his physio and surgeon being very pleased with the reduction of swelling and increased movement in his leg. We have nothing but the highest praise and would recommend Jessica to people with complex needs as well as for relaxation. - Raa Austin

I came to Jessica to have treatment for a painful glute muscle due to a lot of cycling. This was also causing pain down my leg. After the first session I already felt a difference and after four sessions the pain was mainly gone. Jessica always took the time to explain what was happening and the way she would be treating the problem. She also sent me home with stretches to help me avoid the pain from coming back. I can now enjoy my cycling without the painful aftereffects! The exercises have also helped me become more flexible - Lizette Meikle

I have always had back problems mostly stemming from car accidents when I was younger. I have tried many different things from chiropractors, physio, osteo and finally massage. I have found Jess to actually really target the area and spend the time on the individual muscles required to get the relief needed. I would recommend Jess to anyone living with back pain, as you will get relief - Natalie O'Brien

I have been seeing Jess regularly now for almost a year with a problem with deep muscular pain around the pelvic bone (possibly from a very old injury that was not dealt with at the time). Most of my pain came on relaxation - it never hurt when using these muscles. After trying physio and anti inflammatory's I found relief with Jess's deep tissue massage. It has improved so much that I am pain free a lot of the time. If it does resurface, another deep tissue massage works wonders. I am happy to have a conventional massage (when not requiring a deep tissue massage) to help with stress and this has helped as well. I would fully recommend Jess as a massage therapist - Rosemarie Machell

Jessica McGregor is without a doubt the best masseuse I've ever seen. I have been to many different ones and I have never been totally happy, they have either been too hard or too soft. Jess can do both in one session. You come out feeling relaxed but also your muscles feel better too. My sleep has been so much better I have now got a fortnightly visit pre-booked! Jess is also professional and kind - Becca Strachan

I suffer from neck & shoulder pain from my work as a designer/dressmaker, as well as migraine headaches & lower back problems. Jessica has always given me great relief. Her treatments have lessened my need for chiropractic visits too - Jan Bach

I have been treated by Jess for various things and have found her treatments most valuable. When I tore ligaments in my knee to the extent of crutches I was told by my doctor I would need surgery. Jess worked on the muscles surrounding the knee and the knee itself. The result was that I didn't need surgery! Jess has worked on various other areas which I have found most beneficial. The results have been amazing. Thanks Jess for your skill - Patricia Stanners


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